Inspiration is such a bull shit word and I don’t know why I’m using it. My hand writing sucks and I can’t spell or type (never could) so it makes me jealous to see people use the English language with such ease and utter disregard or worry that they’re gonna fuck something up. Run on sentences are my worst enemy and have been ever since I can remember. I’d like to write just what I think but it all comes to fast and retreats back faster, my thoughts scatter from word to word until I’m so far off topic I can’t recall what it is I was writing in the first place. If writing was absolute and easy like math I would be good at it with math there’s no second guessing it’s just right and wrong.

I recently read that what there would be without world government would be anarchy & chaos. To me this logic is so overplayed and outdated that I felt inspired to write about it. To begin with, who says? Professors, tyrants, billionaires, the intellectually elite? And how do they know? When was the last time it’s been tried? Neanderthals? Cave men? I mean when was last time human beings roamed the Earth without some sort of big brother watching over them? Is this in itself reason to believe it can’t be done? It seems to me that it’s the same old tired line- the masses need government to protect them from their own ignorant and primitive selves. Is this true? After all without all the ignorant morons to collect taxes from and “protect” there would be no one needing governance, right? Isn’t this just fear mongering at it’s truest “fear yourself & your neighbor”. So basically we are allowing them to rule us and paying them good money to do it. Are we really to believe that without “them” we CAN’T make it, that we would be doomed as a species? So instead we should put the few in charge of the many and make them rich to go along with their power? Doesnt that experiment always end up with the same result? Say we did it, said enough is enough & we don’t need you anymore. What would happen? Riots? People killing, robbing and raping each other? Really? I don’t think I would take part in that. It’s as if the only discipline that can come for your actions is through an all mighty government. If you attempt to steal from or kill me in this scnario I would be able to protect myself and belongings, right? Can’t a small community govern itself? For instance if the world consisted of 50 people would we need governing? What about 100, 1000, 5000 what is the magic number? Does the ratio of the crazy rioters to normal people go up as the population goes up? If this is true how are we making it now, after all its out of our hands it’s our “nature” that controls us. Or is it maybe that we’ve grown so accustom to it that it seems inevitable? After all it is all we’ve known as a race for hundreds of years. Is it that absurd or have we been programed to believe it’s that absurd. Are we really such a self-destructive race that we need relatively small powerful governments (that by the way are made up of that same psychotic race) to mold and dictate our every move, thought & emotion? If this is the case maybe we do need to weed out the “evil” ones. Too me that sounds absurd but if we dont I’m sure our governments will be happy to. Just pray your not an evil one.


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